With the news of Top Gear returning, idea’s are bubbling of all the wonders that are sure to be unveiled. Expectations are high and, whatever they have planned, we can trust that no form of transport is safe – at all!

For almost 40 years we have watched the trio undertake a variety of exhilarating challenges, testosterone-fuelled bickering and a fair few embarrassing mistakes along the way.  A few years ago, the team at Top Gear purchased a host of caravans from leading suppliers The Caravan Company. Here are a few examples of the outcome of that interaction.

Caravan Conkers:

A fond childhood memory carried forward into the adult world. Did the caravans deserve that fate?

Crazy Caravan Jump:

It was never going to jump all of them, was it?

Airship Caravanning:

By far the funniest caravan clip yet!

Although it wasn’t a functional use of the caravans, it was certainly entertaining. If these laugh-out-loud clips are anything to go by, we are sure that the latest series of Top Gear will be well worth the wait. Who knows what they will choose to experiment with next? Lock up your caravans – they are no longer safe.