In this age, there is no denying that stunning visuals and excellent customer service reign supreme in the advertisement industry. Although online impressions are quite appealing nowadays, the physical experience of displaying striking graphics on a mobile vehicle has a greater impact. If you want an edge over your rivals in business, perhaps you should consider investing in making a bold mobile statement using vehicle wraps and graphics. Here’s why we believe vehicle wraps will help you achieve your marketing objectives.

Advertising Never Stops

When you remove a poster or stop running an ad on TV, the brand identity you’ve built through repeated viewings vanishes. Also, with 48% of consumers blocking ads, your online ads may not even be given a chance. On the other hand, it doesn’t matter whether you’re taking a drive around town, at a client’s place, or simply parked outside, your vehicle wrap never stops advertising for you. Even when people become less receptive to ads, the vinyl wrap helps to hold your company’s name in front of them.


While you can invest every month in an advertisement campaign, it would be more cost-effective to make a one-time payment on a new, professionally installed vinyl wrap or graphic.  According to Epic Tint & Wraps, “adding an eye-catching, memorable sign or graphics wrap not only provides a professional look, but it also differentiates yourself from your competitors and provides cost-effective advertising 24/7”. Wraps and graphics are cheaper compared to painting cars, and they don’t damage the finish that’s already there. That’s fantastic news for those hoping to resell their car in the future. Even repairing a broken graphic will not set you back a fortune.

Commands Attention and Leaves a Lasting Impression

In today’s fast-paced world, time equals money. The faster you’re able to grab your customer’s attention and leave a good impression, the better for your business. In advertising, one way to beat the clock and reach your prospect is through the right mobile message or graphic that will help your business create awareness without you lifting a finger. Vehicle branding not only expands the reach of the company’s marketing but also gives the impression that you have a lot of coverage and your products have widespread use.


Van or vehicle vinyl tend to last a long time if properly cared for. A typical vehicle graphic usually  lasts up to 7 or 8 years if implemented correctly. For some people, it can last even longer. This is an opportunity that has the potential of paying off for years, whether or not you have an online marketing campaign going. Besides, a wrap acts as a shield, shielding the vehicle’s paint from UV rays, small scratches, and stray rocks. It does all of these while also increasing the vehicle’s resale value.

Additional Safety

Theft and hijacking are less likely when a car has custom graphics on it. The graphics make the car clearly recognizable, lowering the likelihood of it being stolen. Also, at night, reflective graphics add to the protection. These graphics simulate light at night and make the car appear to be a moving lighted billboard, reducing the likelihood of accidents. No matter how you look at it, vehicle branding is a win-win for any company looking to expand its reach and imprint their names in people’s hearts.