In a world constrained by regulations, standards, and efficiencies, Lamborghini can only do so much in building sharp, aggressive supercars. In the digital realm, however, there’s no limit to what can be done other than designers’ creativity. Enter the Lamborghini Lambo V12 Vision Gran Turismo.

It’s Lamborghini’s contribution to the Vision Gran Turismo series, a collection of vehicles dreamt up to be downloaded and driven in Gran Turismo, the popular racing video game. Covers were pulled off a real-world replica of the Lambo V12 Vision GT at the 2019 Gran Turismo Championship World Finals, and it’s surprising that the car didn’t slice the sheet to smithereens as it was pulled back.

That’s because the Lambo V12 Vision GT takes Lamborghini’s angular design language to an entirely new level. Evocative of the Sián hybrid supercar, it’s covered in points and edges, with bodywork stripped to a minimum to enhance (simulated) aerodynamics and reduced (digital) weight. The vehicle is comprised of a central, single-seat driver’s compartment, accessed via a lift-up canopy mimicking a fighter jet.

Viewed in profile, low-mounted windows let the driver better sight apexes as they tear through Gran Turismo’s many racetracks. Further back, numerous intakes provide airflow to the mid-mounted, supercapacitor-assisted V-12 engine borrowed from the Sian. Pirelli-wrapped, hexagon-themed wheels barely seem large enough to cover gigantic carbon ceramic brakes.

The rear view is perhaps most striking of all. It’s essentially devoid of bodywork, and seems shaped entirely to enhance aerodynamics. A Y-shaped LED taillight is contained within the huge split rear spoiler, the endplates of which wear the Gran Turismo logo. Twin triple-tip exhaust outlets are built into the gaping diffuser vanes.

Whatever the case, it’s the most extreme interpretation ever of Lamborghini’s edgy styling. It may be too much for real life, but Gran Turismo players will be able to enjoy endless hot laps in the Lambo V12 Vision GT around the game’s many circuits.