We know it’s the middle of summer but it is still the perfect time to start thinking about buying a new SUV. SUVs are not just for winter use even if they are far more useful in the snowy season, they are actually the perfect all around vehicle. With plenty of space in the back for the kids and an excellent drive for the adults an SUV is always something you should consider when buying a new car. We have gathered together a list of reviews for the ones we think are the best on the market.

Nissan Quashqai

Let’s face it, SUVs are no longer bought for off roading. The market has surpassed that weekend hobby and has grown to become a fashion accessory for the whole family. When you drive to work in the morning you will notice both mums and dads chauffeuring their kids to school in the biggest four by fours that they can buy. If you are looking for the perfect SUV family car, look no further than the Nissan Quashqai. While the name is a mouthful, driving the car is a lot easier and you will have a very relaxing journey, no matter where you are going. Its got quite a stylish look as well with the shape of a saloon and the power of the SUV. Coming in, at just under 18,000 pounds this is perhaps the most affordable choice on our list. If you sounds appealing to you, go and check out some car sites for the best price available.

Land Rover SUV

A little bit more pricey for sure but certainly a classic choice. While the Land Rover is not quite as fashionable as its Range Rover cousin or its Porsche rival, the car is still very popular. At 45, 000 pounds the purchase will not be cheap but it is a lot more affordable than the other two and, if you are looking to do some offroading, this is the perfect choice. It’s practical too with plenty of space for everyone, even your pet dog who can happy starfish in the back with no problem whatsoever. But the Lands Rover’s biggest selling point is reliability. They are famous for never breaking down.

Porsche Macan

We know we said it was pricey, but that did not mean we were going to leave it off the list. Particularly, considering just how impressive it really is. If you want the best description of the Porsche Macan it is as simple as this: it looks like a Porsche. What we mean by this is that there are some SUVs that try to look like sports cars but this is the only one we think has actually got it down to a T. It feels like one too and you will certainly love the powerful response you get each time you toy with the accelerator. Like all new SUVs on the market the big space and added luxury inside has made it a hit with families as well as businessmen.

From best value for your money, to durability and epic style, these are our picks for the top SUV’s of 2015 so far. But don’t take our word for it. Head down to your nearest dealership and try a few out. Maybe your dream car is not on this list but we are certain it is an SUV.