The Land Rover is probably one of the most imposing vehicles out on our roads today. That’s not a bad thing. It commands respect. You’ve got to give it to it. If you see a Land Rover coming, you get out of the way. So why is the Land Rover such a respected car? Let’s find out.


The Land Rover has a long and storied history in the British automotive industry. Inspired by the American’s World War II Jeep, the Land Rover was something totally new to consumer cars. With a near seventy year history, this car brand has stood the test of time alright.


The Land Rover is a sturdy car. Whether you’re off-roading or not. This car can take a real beating. It’ll take a long time before its suspension is shot, regardless of how rough the roads are. Even in a crash the Land Rover can take a real beating. It’s broad and wide design makes it ideal for absorbing impact. Not to mention it has enormous crumple zones to reduce the shock. Stick a reinforced roll-cage into a Land Rover and you can probably walk away from driving off a cliff.

The Land Rover is great for those who live in rural areas. Sometimes the roads aren’t in the best of shape. With a Land Rover, you’ll barely feel it if you go over any potholes or cracks. Not to mention driving through flooded roads is supremely easy with the high suspension. Not even muddy fields can stop this car.


Visit to see the Land Rover range available right now. The availability of a car directly informs how easy it is to get parts. Not everything in a car will last, and sometimes parts replacements are needed. Sometimes it pays to be popular.


A big car like a Land Rover naturally has quite a lot of space. So what does this mean for you? Well, if you’ve got a family this car is going to be very handy. You can easily fit a family of four or even five in a Land Rover. With room to spare too. You won’t be bumping elbows in the back that’s for sure.

The boot space is something else entirely. You’ve never had so much room in there. You can pack for a family holiday and still have room to spare. There won’t be any cramming of suitcases in there.


It’s already been said, but that high suspension makes all the difference. It is rock solid. The comfortable seats and high roof also help. The suspension is what makes the ride though. You’ll feel in control. It’ll feel like a luxury car on any road.


Aircon, digital radio, you name it. Some models even have satellite navigation built into the dashboard. As practical a car as the Land Rover is, it doesn’t forget the little comforts we’d like in our car. All to make the driving experience that little bit better. The Land Rover does have it all. At least, all that you need for a daily drive anyway.