Want to know the coolest thing about the big European auto shows? Why, yes, it’s the French cars. That’s why we’re so excited that Renault has announced it will be bringing the new Megane to the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, slated for the middle of next month.

The new Megane is a big deal for the French company, as it represents a challenger to the all-conquering Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf. It’s not clear what we can expect from the new C-segment offering, although it’s probably a fair bet that we’ll see a five-door hatchback at the very least. Alongside the versatile hatch, the current Megane is sold as a three-door coupe, a hardtop convertible, and as a five-door wagon.

Similarly, we can only speculate on the powertrains that will show up next month. Expect the usual array of gas and diesel-powered four-cylinders, which will be accompanied by a variety of gearboxes. Unfortunately, you shouldn’t count on seeing a Renaultsport version of the new Megane for quite some time.

Renault will also take the opportunity to unveil the new Talisman to the public for the first time. Of course, you can look for more coverage on both of these vehicles as part of our obsessive coverage of the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. Until then, scroll down for the official press release from Renault.