If you’re in the market for a new car and have already narrowed down your search to exclusively Ford vehicles, then you’ve made a promising start. All that is left to do is to decide on a model. This will all depend on your usage, needs and lifestyle demands. Luckily, we’ve taken a look at three of Ford’s most popular cars so you can compare. Check it out below!

Ford KA

Ford KA

If you’re looking for one of the best cars to buy for new drivers, then the KA is certainly that. It’s small, compact size and eye-catching design make it a good one for youngsters as they take their first steps onto the roads. Starting at just under £9k makes this is an affordable vehicle for most drivers, too! It’s got a fun and fashionable interior and a bold and modern exterior that lights up showrooms across the country. To see one for yourself, check out these TC Harrison locations. They are specialists in dealing Ford vehicles and are bound to have a site near you. They’ll have much more information for you about the incredible fuel economy that this KA boasts – the CO2 emissions are crazy low, too! The KA drives smoothly, and is very nippy. This is ideally suited for drivers who just want to nip around town, but also for those who want to head further afield. In essence, this is a great first car and one that we definitely recommend.

Ford Focus

If you’re looking for something a bit more spacious, then this is the way to go. The Ford Focus is the quintessential family car, and for good reason, too! You can’t beat the level of reliability, value for money and high acclaim that this vehicle comes with. Ford is arguably the most proud of its long-standing Focus line. The design is upgraded to something far more sophisticated in comparison to that of the more vibrant KA. This vehicle screams elegance! The ergonomics within the cabin are impressive, too. You’ll find that the steering wheel and the gear stick precisely fit the shape of your grip. An impressive 1.5l engine, available in either petrol or diesel variant is the power behind this epic motor. It’s a really green car too – so need to worry about C02 Emissions! You’ll have to test drive one today, simply to see how smooth of a drive this car is. We highly recommend giving the Focus your full attention.

Ford Galaxy

Finally, if your family is a little bigger than most, then you may long for the additional face of the Ford Galaxy. It’s much pricier, starting at just shy of £27k, but it could well be worth it if you value the additional size above every other factor. If you have a thirst for adventure and road trips are more your thing in comparison to nipping around town, then this is the Ford for you! Seven-seaters come at a premium, but we reckon this Galaxy could be worth your hard earned cash if it matches your adventurous lifestyle! Definitely, head down to your local Ford dealership to check one out today.

Hopefully, this post has made your search for a new Ford a lot easier. If it has, let us know which one you opted for in the comments below!