If you have just recently passed your test, then you might well be wondering what car should be your first. Buying your first car can be a difficult process. Hopefully, you have someone on hand to help you through the whole process. Doing it all alone can make for a tricky endeavour; having someone to guide you through it can relieve much of the headache involved. One of the more difficult aspects is knowing what, exactly, makes a good car. When you don’t have much experience on the road, this in itself can be enough of a headache. Let alone everything else involved in the process of getting hold of a car! If you have recently been let loose on the road, and you’re starting to hunt around for a car, then read on. In this short post, we will look at some of the top models for new or inexperienced drivers. That way, you will, at least, have one part of the process made a little easier.

File:2011 Ford Fiesta S sedan -- NHTSA.jpg

Ford Fiesta

This first model is a classic for those who do not have much experience on the road. The Ford Fiesta offers a reliable, safe little package of a car for a relatively cheap price tag. This car is, in fact, the biggest-selling car in Britain as we speak. There are some very good reasons for that to be the case. First off, the driving experience is smooth and easy. This is a huge plus when you haven’t yet spent much time on the roads. This car is spacious, practical (particularly in its hatchback form) and is likely to last you a long time from when you purchase it. A great all-rounder for the first-time buyer.

Volkswagen Polo

The Volkswagen brand is well-known for providing an upmarket experience without the cost. For someone who hasn’t spent much time on the roads, the Volkswagen Polo hatchback is a great little car to get you started in the world of driving. This model offers a high-quality interior and decent equipment. It is also clearly designed with a strong focus on comfort rather than speed. And when you are looking for your first car, that might be just what you want. A comfortable ride very often means a safer one, so this is a great first choice for just about anyone.

Toyota Aygo

When it comes to style for the sake of style, you can’t go much wrong with the Toyota Aygo city car. What we have in this delightful little package is a stylish, sleek number which is still ideal for a first-timer. The specs are just what you would for from a Toyota, and it is one model which is unlikely to fail on you. Reliability, cost-effectiveness, and attractiveness all coincide to make for a lovely little number. Anybody just starting out on the roads would consider themselves lucky to have this car.

No matter what you end up going for, remember the importance of taking your time. Buying your first car is a big decision – so don’t rush it, and check everything carefully before you hand over any money. Before you know it, you’ll be a king of the road with the rest of them.