Driving should be something that’s enjoyed. For many of us though, it can soon turn into a tedious necessity for commuting to work or visiting friends and family at the weekend. The best way to make it instantly more fun is to be driving a car you actually want to and not just another Ford Fiesta.

One of the best ways to get behind the wheel of your dream car without spending years saving or taking out a huge loan is to lease it. This avoids waiting and means you don’t lose out when the car’s value depreciates. It can all be done relatively cheaply too.

Compare Options

First decide on which vehicle you want to be driving. If it’s an older model there may well be cheaper options to buy it second hand, either online or from a local dealership, so it’s worth scouting around.

There are many different leasing companies such as Car4Leasing.co.uk as well, each of which offer ranges of varying models at competitive prices. The internet makes it simple to compare prices for the same model from different sources in a matter of minutes. Aside from just the price look at everything else included in the deals (such as maintenance costs).

Time It Right

The best time for buying a new car is often just before the next registration plates come out in March and September. For leasing however, Christmas and the summer holidays are their quietest periods and when prices are usually knocked down.

Leasing companies are provided with vehicles dealers struggle to sell; the more they have the cheaper they are. Researching which new vehicles are experiencing slow sales should point you towards those which will be cheap to lease in the near future. Going in for a brand new car and then discovering it’s a lot cheaper a few months later can be gutting.


Negotiating is one of the best ways to ensure a great deal on a car you love. Most salespeople, whether it’s to buy or lease, will want to shift their vehicles rather than lose your business, within reason. They will expect a bit of haggling no matter how firm they seem.

Research the vehicle to know its listed price on other sites, to buy and lease so you can negotiate around this on good ground. Read any reviews to see if there are minor faults drivers have experienced and have an all-round friendly manner.