When Ram came out with the totally redone 1500 pickup this year, the off-road-leaning Rebel didn’t have Ram’s giant 12-inch touchscreen as an option. Ram is remedying that omission with a new model called the Rebel 12. Yeah, it’s pretty weird to name the car after the size of the infotainment screen, but that’s what Ram came up with.

The new model is more than just a screen, though. Ram is using it to throw in a few different tech and luxury options that we don’t see in the more barebones Rebel. For one, it gets a 19-speaker, 900-watt Harman Kardon sound system with metal speaker grilles. You’ll also get leather seats all around, and they’re heated up front. So what will all this cost you? The Rebel 12 starts at $48,685, including destination charges — about $3,000 more than the base Rebel.

That price gets you everything mentioned above and all the cool Rebel stuff including a lift kit, locking rear differential, Bilstein shocks, 33-inch tires and the tough-looking appearance features. Keep in mind that this base price is still only the V6 with rear-wheel drive. You can send it far higher when you start tacking on desirable options like the Hemi V8 and four-wheel drive. Ram says the luxurious Rebel 12 will be available in the fourth quarter of 2018.