Often we see people in a dilemma of whether to buy the used parts. You might think that the brand new parts will not give you any trouble, but nothing can be guaranteed, and they come for a substantial cost.

You must have heard of people getting cash for cars by selling their obsolete vehicles to salvage yards– some of you may have even done it also. But, have you thought of purchasing used parts from them? Car wrecking companies not only pick up the vehicle from your desired location and offer you the best price, but they also ensure to recycle the usable parts and dispose of the obsolete parts in the safest ways. In turn, they contribute to the environment’s benefit and also make the serviceable parts available to the market at a reasonable cost.

So, before you decide on buying the next box, here are some reasons why you should choose to buy from use parts and not the new ones.

Advantages of buying second-hand parts from wrecking companies

It saves money

You may not be surprised to know that the used parts cost you lesser than the new ones. But, you might be surprised by knowing the difference in price! Depending on the demand of the vehicle, rarity, condition of the parts, and also dealer, the rates vary – but in no way, they are close by to what you have to pay for a new box.

Experts say, if you are a newcomer in the automobile market, do a comparison between the prices of new spare and the used ones – and see the fact for yourself. But never go for the new boxes blindly!

It helps you to be a better citizen

Manufacturing of car parts not only require metals and other raw materials, but the production process itself is also hazardous for the environment. By buying used parts, you encourage recycling, and with global warming being a significant threat, it’s the responsibility of every person to reduce carbon footprints.


Even if the manufacturers stop producing the parts of any model, the chances are high that you will get them from the car wreckers or others dealing with used parts of vehicles. Since the parts are taken from the same model’s used cars, which have been sold or scrapped because of age, accident, or other reasons, these are readily available with them.

Moreover, there are various options for purchasing used parts. Besides the traditional methods, there are online stores and authorized dealers.

If you are ready to pay some extra (still lesser than the new ones), you can opt for the refurbished parts also. These might look used, but they are well tested and function as perfectly as the new ones.