The number of parking tickets in the UK have been reported to be increasing every year by at least a few percent. This is leaving many drivers upset, and some outright underserving of the tickets they receive.  It no question why the most tickets are given out in London each year though. Being one of Europe’s largest cities, it has a great number of people packed into about 600 square miles.

This, in conjunction with the fact that the city is very busy and fast paced especially at certain times, makes it a hot spot for parking infractions. But London is not the only area with a high volume of parking tickets being issues. The South East, North West, and South West each also received on average about half a million parking tickets in 2014.

Drivers aren’t happy about all of the ticketing going on and feel they have been unfairly charged. Many drivers report that they didn’t think they were in a spot that they would be ticketed for, and companies such as CP Plus parking management firm have enforced violations that were ambiguous or unclear to the individual at the time of parking. On top of that, the fines being handed out are often too large. Some drivers feel that these types of penalties should not even be allowed to be handed out by such private companies and that only governing bodies such as the police should be able to penalize drivers for infractions.

Drivers have been known to take the matters into their own hands by simply ignoring the parking tickets they receive and not paying the fine at all. While this is never recommended, it is smart to challenge the tickets you receive rather than blindly paying any note that is stuck on your windshield.