There’s nothing better than the smell of a brand new car. The freshly stitched leather. The smell of new polish on the vehicle. The car itself gleams in the showroom, and shines with pride. Inside the car, the engine purrs, and the new car is raring to go. If only you could keep your new motor looking this beautiful all the time. Unfortunately, it only takes a few weeks for the first signs of aging to show through! Dirty paint, damaged tyres, and strange noises in the engine start to appear. Keeping a car showroom-fresh requires hard work and discipline. Here’s how you keep it looking its best.

Professional detailing

You should certainly keep the car clean yourself (and we’ll come to that shortly.) However, there’s nothing better than a professional clean, both inside and out. Mobile detailing is the best way to get that attention to detail you find in showroom cars. We’re talking about meticulous paintwork touch ups, and perfect interior cleaning. These are techniques that require trained hands and expert tools. We recommend booking a professional detail service at least twice a year.

General cleaning

In addition to this, you ought to be cleaning your pride and joy once every two weeks. You’ll notice that your car picks up dirt quickly. Mud spray from the floor and bugs can quickly stick to the vehicle. This isn’t just unsightly, it’s also corrosive to the paintwork. Left unattended, the paint will slowly erode, and you’ll create a breeding ground for rust. In time, it will create irreversible damage. Done regularly, a hand wash is a simple and easy task. Use a strong wax and polish to finish and protect the exterior.

Self maintenance

Many car owners neglect the basic self-maintenance required to keep a car on the road. Simple tasks like checking and replacing the oil regularly, and monitoring the tyre pressure are essential. Checking oil and tyre pressure is a bi-monthly job, and it needn’t take more than a few minutes. While you’re there, check the levels of the other fluids, and replace if necessary. Do the same for the tread depth of your tyres. Keeping this all in check will slow down the aging process, and keep your engine healthy for longer.

Regular servicing

Of course, all the self-maintenance in the world won’t stop the bigger problems. Car trouble is often hidden deep inside the vehicle. It takes an expert eye to spot underlying issues, and take care of them effectively. Regular servicing will ensure you spot any problems early. Keeping the core parts healthy is essential to the long-life of the motor.

Drive sensibly

When you’ve got your hands on a new car, you instinctively want to drive it hard and fast! Unfortunately, that’s the quickest way to the scrap yard. Treat your car with care and stay safe. That will keep it showroom fresh for longer. Drive it hard and fast, and you’ll destroy the engine.

It is possible to keep your brand new car looking and driving at its best for years to come. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll do great!