Do you spend most of your time driving through busy city streets? If so, are you keeping yourself safe? The pace might be a lot slower, but there are dangers out there that you have to be aware of. In this guide, we’re going to go through some of the things you need for a better city driving experience. Let’s get started right away with the basics.


If you drive around the city a lot, then think about the size of car that you drive. There’s no need for an SUV or a 4×4 that is more suitable for country driving, and they will give you more trouble than they are worth. Smaller cars tend to be more fuel efficient, are easier to manoeuvre, and quicker to park. Not only that, but they are less likely to be stolen, not broken into, and they will also be harder for other cars to hit as they are passing by on small streets.

The knowledge

Try and learn about the roads and traffic conditions of the city you are living in or travelling to. It will help you avoid the busiest times of day, therefore reducing your chances of having a collision. Not to mention; the occasional bout of road rage! Learn all the little shortcuts, and have alternative routes for any given scenario. A little preparation for any journey -with a traffic app, for example – will help you drive with less frustration.


There are a few little upgrades you can add to your car to make your city driving a lot safer and more enjoyable. Change your tyres to something more suitable for city roads, as a starting point. Take the Dunlop Street Response 2 as an example. They have deeper treads for better grip on urban roads, in wet or dry weather. You can also think about using a GPS that includes traffic updates so that you can plan alternative routes. You might consider a rear view camera, too. One of those can help you park safer without fear of scraping your car on another, or bumping into stationary hazards.

Slow down

Our next piece of advice is obvious, but so many people fail to recognise it. Slower driving in the city means you will be less likely to have an accident. There are so many hazards, from cyclists to pedestrians, and the roads are so thin and compact that anything could happen. Even when you’re travelling at legal speed in a 30 mph zone, you can’t guarantee that nobody will run out in front of you at a moment’s notice. The speed limits are the maximum speed you can drive – not the recommended speed. So, always drive in a sensible way and be aware of everything that is in front of – and behind – you.

Keep spare change

Finally, parking in UK cities might be extortionate, but it’s a fact of life and there is nothing you can do about it. So, always keep some spare change in your car – hidden from open view, of course. It will save you in those moments when you have to park, and if you do so illegally, there’s a high chance you will get a ticket.