The Ford Mustang is unquestionably a performance icon in the US, but now the venerable pony car can tout being among the world’s favorites, too. According to the latest global data by IHS Automotive, the ‘Stang is the world’s best-selling sports car through the first half of 2015, with 76,124 registrations. That’s a 56-percent increase for the Mustang over 2014’s numbers.

Making the title slightly more impressive is that this honor comes before the right-hand drive variants go on sale. The first shipments of those don’t arrive until at least November. However, a line is already forming. According to Ford, there are nearly 2,000 Mustang pre-orders in the UK, almost 3,000 in Australia, and 400 in New Zealand. According to AutoLoud, the popular model is also launching in South Africa, Japan, and a few other right-hand-drive countries.

The Mustang’s introduction is also going quite well in China, but the car is of course still most popular here in the US. Through August, deliveries are up 53.1 percent with 86,769 examples going to dealers. The ‘Stang is beating its arch rival Chevrolet Camaro in sales, but given the Chevy’s age that fight isn’t too fair. When production of the sixth generation Camaro gets up to speed, the battle should get really interesting.