Buying a modified car can be a great idea, especially when you’re already thinking of doing the same modifications yourself. Not only are you able to get a unique car tailored to you, the driver, but you can also save some time and perhaps even the cost of doing the modifications yourself.

It’s not all plain sailing though. Buying a modified car can be a complicated process and you can be left with a bad deal instead of your dream car. Here’s a few tips to help you find the right car for you, saving you money and stress.

Check Out Your Insurance

Some insurers aren’t keen on insuring a modified car. This is because there is more of a chance that something could go wrong with the car, especially if the modification isn’t fitted properly, and pricey modifications can also attract thieves. The best way to cover yourself is to get a policy made specifically for modified cars. These can be tailored to what you use the car for, saving you money in the long run.

It’s important to recognise what insurers count as a ‘modification’ because their definition may be different to yours. Any changes or additions to your car must be declared. That way, your insurance won’t be invalidated and you will remain on good terms with your insurance company.

Be Careful When Choosing Your Car

Make sure you do your research. Test the car properly to ensure that it runs smoothly and that there are no problems. Another great thing to do is to find out the history of the car’s modifications. Ask the seller when they were done, who did them, and whether there have been any issues with them. The best thing you can do when you’re considering buying a modified car is ask as many questions as you can. Never buy a car if you feel unsure about its reliability or if you don’t trust the seller. For some more tips on what to consider when buying a second-hand car, check out this link.

Know The Different Types of Modifications

It’s useful to know what types of modifications your new car may have and to understand that they need to be highlighted to your insurer and may depreciate the car’s value. Most modifications fit into one of three categories.

The first of these categories is visual modifications. This can be anything from body kits and a paint job to adding stickers to the windows. These types of modifications typically only affect the look of the car. Another category of modifications, which typically affects the interior, is audio/visual modifications, such as changes to the car’s sound system.

The final category consists of performance modifications. These modifications need to be looked at and tested carefully because this category involves anything that changes the handling, power and general performance of the car. They are typically bigger jobs (though small modifications like a performance tuning also come into this category) and need to be investigated more carefully to ensure that the job has been done properly and haven’t compromised the capability of the car.

Buying a modified car can be a great experience if you are careful and use your common sense. Following these tips will help you to find the perfect modified car for you and allow you to enjoy it for many years.