Most other mainstream automakers have full-size three-row crossovers, but not the two Korean automakers. That’s about to change. The Kia Telluride and Hyundai Palisade have both been previewed in concept form, but are making their way into the public eye. These new spy photos give us a good look at the new Hyundai’s interior.

It looks like a more premium environment than the one in the recently introduced 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe. Specifically, note the separate bands of silver buttons and other bits of alloy trim. These are different pieces than what you’ll find in other Hyundai models, and are almost reminiscent of the original Hyundai Genesis cabin. However, it does seem to share the new Santa Fe’s floating center screen and steering wheel. It’s difficult to see if the digital instrument cluster carries over, too.

The rear seats have been folded completely flat and we can see what appears to be power-folding controls. There also seem to be bins on each side of the third row, but they could also just be missing cupholder units. That seems likely since cupholder count is a pretty key three-row family crossover element (the Subaru Ascent has 19).

The exterior is upright and boxy, though it’s difficult to see through the camouflage if some of the Santa Fe’s curves carried over. Even through the covering, the grille and headlights are definitely familiar. Expect some other elements from the Hyundai Grandmaster concept to make it to production, too.