Bad news for those over 100 early Chiron customers, and excellent for the following 400: Bugatti’s hypercar is now available with “Sky View,” a glass roof option that improves headroom by 1.06 inches. Spec it for the handling-focused Chiron Sport, and you might just end up with the best new Bugatti in town. Until your neighbor rolls up in a Divo, of course.

The Chiron Sky View option consists of two fixed glass panels above the seats, each 25.6 inches long and 17.3 inches wide. They are made of four intermediate layers of thin glass, which are tinted and laminated in order to filter out all harmful ultraviolet radiation while also reflecting away heat, preventing dazzle effects and reducing road noise.

This new element doesn’t compromise the Chiron’s structural ridigity either. The Chiron Sky View will debut at the end of August at the Monterey Car Week, along with the so-far mysterious Divo. Pricing? Irrelevant.