Whether you’re going off-road or sticking to the straight and narrow, 4×4’s are a different beast to that of a normal vehicle. They’re fantastic vehicles in almost all weathers, but you need to know how to manouver them before you get out there. Being prepared for any conditions will keep you safe in the future. While there’s a lot we could talk about when it comes to 4×4’s, we’re going to discuss a few basic tips to get you started.

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Firstly, you need to think about what you’re planning to do. If you’re going off-road, you’ll have to undergo numerous safety procedures before you hit the road. You’ll often need to set your tyre pressures to a different amount depending on the terrain you’ll be covering. Everything needs to be checked to ensure you don’t get stuck out there. It’s safe to say that you’ll want another 4×4 owner to accompany you on the trip, as well as packing emergency supplies just in case the worst happens. Do extensive research before you go anywhere.

If you’re not the type for off-roading, there’s still plenty to think about. It’s well known that driving a 4v4 will improve your handling abilities on snow and ice, but you shouldn’t abuse that fact. Many owners go too fast and turn too tight because they assume the 4×4 will be able to handle it. You always need to treat your vehicle carefully when it comes to snow and ice. Be smart and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Remember, you don’t have to stick in four-wheel-drive all the time. There are many instances where you won’t want it, and it’s important to learn how to switch between the different options. The majority of vehicles will need a simple press of a button to do this, but in some 4×4’s, you might need to wait until you’re at a standstill. Study the manual of the vehicle and you’ll find tips about when to switch between each one. This will provide you with maximum safety.

Finally, look at extras that can improve your 4×4’s safety. Bull bars used to have a bad reputation among 4×4 owners, but advances in bull bar technology have changed all that. Now, they are fitted with added protection that will help to protect your vehicle and the people inside it. You can also pick up things like traction ramps that will help you if you get stuck while off-roading. This could be the difference between waiting in the freezing cold for hours or getting back on your travels in no time.

There’s a reason 4×4’s are so popular, but not everyone takes the time to study the vehicle in depth. Learning how it operates and how to get the most out of it in all situations will help you in the years to come. The safety of everyone in your vehicle is paramount, so make sure you do the right amount of additional research before you get behind the wheel.