Electric pickup trucks are definitely on their way and EV startup Atlis is showing its XT pickup truck in these renderings. The Atlis truck claims some interesting specs and features, with a clear intent of providing some real-world solutions when (or if) it hits the market within the next few years.

The full-size XT truck, built on the Atlis XP electric skateboard platform, features four wheel-mounted motors. The structure allows for a large front trunk to complement the bed, which itself is said to be available in 6.5- and 8-foot lengths. Comparable “frunks” are usually more tub-like, but the one on the Atlis truck uniquely has both a hood and a lowering gate, as the fascia drops down like a tailgate does. There’s load-adjusting air suspension, and both single and dual rear-wheel body styles are being planned.

As for performance, capability and electric range, Atlis promises multiple options. Top speed is claimed to be 120 mph, with 60 mph coming in just 5 seconds when unladen and 18 seconds with maximum GCWR. Towing capacity is promised to be substantial, though it will depend on the version selected, with 5,000-, 10,000-, 15,000- and 20,000-pound versions available. The availability of a fifth-wheel hookup promises a GCWR tow rating of as much as 35,000 pounds.

In terms of range, there will be 300-, 400-, and 500-mile range options, all of which apply when the truck is unladen. But the biggest trick is a targeted 15-minute full charge, which Atlis says it has so far tested with small-scale batteries. A 3-kWh test battery pack was charged full in 13 minutes, but time will literally tell if that is scalable to a full vehicle size battery. Atlis also claims it’s aiming for a 5-minute full fast charge by 2025. The full capacity of the final battery packs remains unstated.

The intended starting price of the XT truck is promised to be $45,000 with a targeted on-sale date of late 2020. Other perks include a “Zero Cost-of-Maintenance guarantee” and unlimited charging if the customer chooses a subscription service instead of a direct purchase. The vehicles are said to come with a 10-year warranty. Atlis also doesn’t plan on introducing any other vehicles than trucks, and it’s aiming to cater only to U.S. customers.

Of course, this is all far from a sure thing. In fact, we’re a little dubious of any start up making such grand promises. And it is indeed a startup that is still raising funds for finishing both the prototype truck and fast charging stations. It released some key figures on the Startengine fundraising site. So the Atlis XT does look and sound good, but there’s a still a long way to go before we start seeing them on American highways.