If you haven’t shopped for a car since you were single, figuring out how to find a good deal on a family car can be a bit of an adjustment. When buying a family car, there are many other things you will need to take into account, from safety features to size, and knowing which features are negotiable and which are must-haves can take a bit of work.

To help you find a vehicle that fits you and your family, here is a list of the four most important features to look for in a family car.

  1. Size

One of the first and most important features you should look for in a family car is size. You should make sure there is plenty of room in the back seat, but cargo space should will also a major concern. Your car is going to be carrying around lots of extra baggage as well as things like strollers and car seats, and you want to make sure everything will fit. If you are used to driving compact sedans, you might want to consider moving up to a midsize for this reason (if you can find a 2013 Ford Fusion for saleyou should consider purchasing it — the second generation Fusions are a perfect example of the mid-size sedan with lots of passenger and storage room).

  1. Safety

Obviously, you want to keep your family safe on the road, and this means finding a vehicle that offers good safety features. This doesn’t necessarily need to mean the latest tech on the market, but things like traction control, tire pressure monitoring, stability control, and 4-wheel ABS are all features you should look for. If you can find a model that gives you the option to switch off the passenger air bags, this is an added bonus.

  1. Convenience

Convenience may seem like a broad category, but in the case of family cars it means something very specific: is this car going to make it easier or harder for you to transport your children and everything they need? For example, a convenient family car will have wide doors, accessible seatbelts, and, in the case of SUVs or vans, rear sliding seats. These things may seem small when you’re sizing a vehicle up on the sales lot, but they will make a big difference in the long run.

  1. Entertainment

Entertainment options really do matter, as anyone who has been on a long trip with children knows. Things have improved greatly from the time when the only entertainment option in most cars was the radio, and even if luxury features like in-car movie players are outside your price range, you can still find vehicles that offer power plugs and in-cabin wi-fi so your kids can use their electronic devices on long car rides. It will make the journey easier for everyone!

If you’ve never had to shop for a family vehicle before, the range of new things you will need to consider can be somewhat overwhelming. The good news is,it isn’t too difficult to find a vehicle that delivers enough of the features you’re looking for to meet your basic needs. If you aren’t sure quite where to begin when shopping for a new family vehicle, try starting your search with cutting-edge online automotive shopping tools that can help you narrow your options to exactly what you’re looking for. This will help you find a vehicle that has the size, safety, convenience and entertainment features you need, without having to spend hours browsing dealership sites.