Your SUV gets you from point A to point B with plenty of room for passengers and storage. Of course, the SUV, like any car, requires regular care. In addition to the basics like oil changes and tire replacement, keeping your car protected when not in use can extend the life of your SUV and improve its appearance. The best way to keep your SUV protected from the elements is with custom covers. There are few things that can beat tailor made car covers. Outdoor or indoor covers that fit every curve of your SUV can help ensure the ideal fit. You can tailor your SUV’s cover to fit your environment. Of course, not all custom truck covers are made equally, which is why we are rounding up the top three car covers for your SUV:

Noah Car Cover: The Noah fabric is highly dust and water resistant. Noah’s special breathable fabric makes sure that moisture can evaporate quickly without any damage to your vehicle. Noah also contains a microporous layer to allow breathability without letting in water and dust.

California Custom Fit Car Cover: This cover is ideal for anyone on the go who is serious about car protection. The material is a combination of cotton, polyester and fluff to give extra protection against dents. After all, you never know what can fall out of a tree. The cover is easy to slip on and off and can fit your car like a glove without taking too much space in the back seat.

Plush Cotton Flannel Car Cover: This plush cover can keep your SUV safe whenever your car is in storage. With cotton’s water resistance and flannels isolative ability, this cover can work outdoors as well as in a garage.

Whether you are parked in the rain or under the sun, having a good SUV cover can help protect your vehicle.