In case you’re now not an experienced mechanic, it is able to be great to have your lift professionally hooked up to make certain it’s miles executed effectively. The set up process entails a whole lot of workings and time spent underneath your Jeep. In case you do now not have enjoy in this area it is able to excellent to consult a expert to avoid any unintended damage for your automobile. In case you set up the raise your self, you will in all likelihood spend hours beneath your rig tweaking everything over and over once more… until it’s far just right.

In case you’re going for a bigger lift (3.5″ plus), then you will need to bear in mind distinctive lower control arms and longer shocks. You may also need to lengthen the front and rear brake traces. If you lift 4″ or extra, then you may in all likelihood want longer upper control arm as well. Plus, you will want to replace the track bar, and you would possibly need to feature longer emergency brake lines. As there are loads of kits to pick out from, we’ve broken down the fundamentals of each kind to make it less difficult to decide. You can also read about warn winch parts in our next blog.

Smaller Wrangler Lifts (1”-2”)

In case you just need a bit extra clearance under the transfer case, or a bit greater room to run 31” tires, then a smaller carry is the way to head. usually, this form of Wrangler lift kits will consist of coil spacers located underneath the inventory springs to present it a little bump in the front height with lengthy shackles within the rear. You may go together with blocks in the rear if you have new or strong springs. 1.5” to 2″ is the most not unusual “small lift”


  • The manufacturing unit trip is maintained
  • Very less expensive so you do not break the bank
  • short and very easy to put in
  • There are rarely any installation complications
  • only a few future mechanical troubles related to lift

Bigger Wrangler Lifts (2”+)

A bigger lift normally results in a more aggressive look and high-quality off-avenue overall performance at the same time as nevertheless keeping a stock on-road journey. large Wrangler lifts kits usually include an entire slew of components, and it is a good idea to realize what you’re doing earlier than putting in this type of. Most of the people run 35” tires with properly effects.

Pros & Cons:

  • Those are the most high priced lifts; even more so ought to you venture into coil overs
  • Complications are to be expected, seeing that a few lifts basically re-layout the whole front-end geometry
  • That is for the critical off road enthusiast.