With so many road accidents caused by bad weather, Nissan’s engineers have developed a self-cleaning camera to make sure Note drivers have a clear advantage. The intelligent self-cleaning rear view camera showcases Nissan’s passion for accessible technology, intelligent design and outstanding practicality.

The all-new Nissan Note is packed with innovative technology to make driving safer. Lane Departure Warning, Blind Spot Warning and Moving Object Detection combine to form the Nissan Safety Shield, complimenting the 360-degree helicopter view offered by the Around View Monitor parking aid to break new ground in the B-segment.

But there’s one small yet highly significant innovation which ensures all of these functions are fully optimised – Nissan’s intelligent self-cleaning rear view camera. This fully automated system relies on advanced algorithms processing more than 3 million pixels from the rear camera every second to determine when the image is obscured.

Mounted just above the rear number plate, the clever camera is easily exposed to dirt, grit and surface water; which, if trapped, will cause the image on the 5.8-inch NissanConnect screen to be obsured – making it difficult for the safety devices to work efficiently. However, the Note’s lens is under continual analysis to detect dirt and identify the type of debris causing the obstruction. Intelligent enough to know the difference between mud and water, the self-cleaning system then uses its in-built water system and compressed air blower to clear the lens.

The camera can even fend off rain – after testing revealed that the best way to keep the camera functioning was to keep it wet; a very small but steady stream of water was introduced to the system to avoid large water drops forming on the lens and interfering with the processed image.

Richard Picton, Nissan’s Safety Shield engineer takes up the story: “As the long evenings close in, Nissan drivers can’t afford to allow the camera’s lens to get dirty, causing greater visual impairment. At Nissan, we didn’t want the task of cleaning the lens to fall to the driver, so the intelligent self-cleaning system was developed.”

With no input from the driver the rear camera is kept clear of accumulated dirt or water drops. Extensive digital modelling and real-world testing has proven water consumption from the system to be minimal, drawing negligible amounts from the Note’s standard windscreen washer vessel.  The jet of air is fed from a tiny compressor mounted underneath the rear of the Note.

Bringing premium technology and sharp design to the B-segment is at the core of the new Note’s appeal, with innovative thinking applied to all aspects of its design and engineering.