Whatever you call it, VW has plans to get past the damage done by its diesel emission lies. Whether that’s through buying back or fixing the affected cars, putting its best electric car foot forward at the Paris Motor Show, or, today, announcing Transform 2025+.

The wide-ranging (if somewhat high-level overview) announcement talks about VW’s plans around the world (more economy cars in markets like India, South America, and Russia) with a focus on electrification and connectivity. That means that, “e-mobility will be part of the Volkswagen brand core” and that VW will one day make its MEB electric vehicles in North America starting in 2021. Here, VW says it, “intends to evolve from a niche supplier into a relevant and profitable volume producer,” and VW Board chairman Herbert Diess said in a statement that,”We will be significantly stepping up our activities in the USA.

The main focus will be on the key segments in the country, large SUVs and limousines [sedans]. In those segments, we will be strongly expanding our range. In a second stage, we will then take our new electric cars to North America. Over the next few years, we will be making considerable investments in electric infrastructure.”

VW has dreamed big for many years, and the Transform 2025+ continues this trend. If it all plays out as the automaker says it will, then VW might reach its objective to play, “a leading role in the new world of mobility by 2030.” Sounds more like Transform 2025+5, but who’s counting?