SAIC-GM today officially launched the newest member of the Cadillac CT6 American luxury sedan family – the CT6 Plug-In Hybrid – in China. The Cadillac CT6 Plug-in Hybrid is available in two variants priced at RMB 558,800 ($80,466 USD) and RMB 658,800 ($84,866 USD).

The CT6 marks Cadillac’s long-awaited return to the global prestige luxury segment, and with the plug-in variant creates a fresh performance standard for premium new energy vehicles through its smooth handling and exceptional fuel efficiency.

Built on GM’s all-new intelligent rear-wheel electric drive platform, the CT6 Plug-In Hybrid offers steady, robust real-time power through two high-performance electric motors integrated with the car’s electric drive system and a direct-injection 2.0L SIDI turbocharged engine.

The engine generates 250 kW of power and 586 Nm of torque, along with 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) acceleration of only 5.4 seconds. Its combined fuel consumption is as low as 1.7 L/100 km (138 mpg US), which is the best in its segment.

At the heart of the CT6 Plug-In is a lithium-ion battery pack comprising 192 cells. It has a large capacity of 18.4 kWh, which is up to 50 percent more than competitive models. With the support of GM’s world-leading Battery Management System (BMS) and liquid cooling technology, this provides 80 km (50 miles) of all-electric range and 935 km (581 miles) of combined range.

Every cell in the battery pack has an independent liquid-cooled temperature control system, reducing the impact of varying external and internal temperatures. This not only improves battery efficiency and extends battery life, but also ensures the battery system’s stability and safety.

The CT6 Plug-In Hybrid can be fully charged in five hours or less using a regular 220V charger. Owners can check the charging status via OnStar or the MyCadillac app.

An exclusive interface displays the vehicle’s battery life, power delivery and energy distribution. An “energy” interface on the Cadillac User Experience (CUE) center console screen helps owners understand energy flow more intuitively and develop good electric driving habits through real-time feedback.

The CT6 Plug-In has adopted industry-leading Power Split technology. Its power sources are linked by three planetary gear sets and five clutches, offering four transmission modes: all-electric drive, engine drive, hybrid drive and Regen on Demand.

The Regen on Demand system innovatively works with an iBooster to recover braking energy right after the driver releases the gas pedal. The system also uses paddle shifters to adjust between four levels of braking intensity, for enjoyable handling while efficiently recovering energy.

The driver can select one of three operating modes: Cruise, Sport and Hold. The Cruise mode is perfect for daily commutes thanks to its balanced comfort and handling as well as maximized energy efficiency. The Sport mode matches more aggressive gas pedal response with agile steering, delivering dynamic performance for overtaking or handling winding roads. The Hold mode is especially useful for long-distance highway driving, storing energy that can be used later under the Cruise mode in heavy urban traffic.

The CT6 Plug-In adopts the CT6 family’s bold, forward-looking styling. Its spacecraft-level lightweight body design is crafted from 11 composite materials, with over 57 percent of body materials made from aluminum.

The comfortable interior is supported by more than 20 standard features. They include the Enhanced Safety Strategy (ESS) package and OnStar 4G LTE with a built-in Wi-Fi (Car-Fi) hotspot.

Cadillac is offering CT6 Plug-In buyers nationwide a 220V charger with free installation, plus an eight-year unlimited-mileage warranty for the vehicle’s battery pack, electric motors and electronic control system.