There are times when you may have enjoyed a glass of wine at dinner and then entered a car to drive home. During that travel back home, you may have missed a stop sign or inadvertently swerved, alerting patrols. That traffic stop could lead to a possible DUI arrest, even if you aren’t over the legal limits. Circumstances such as physical signs and your error could be enough to lead to the arrest. It’s important should this happen that you protect yourself. Here are 5 important tips to remember.

1. Be Polite but Firm

When pulled over in the evening, take caution but remain civil at all times. The officer may suspect you have been drinking and begin to ask questions. Choose to exercise your right to silence. This may mean you are taken into custody. Just remember that admissions to anything may be used against you. Therefore, it’s important to keep information to yourself. Do not tell them where you were coming from or if you were drinking. Chances are the police may ask you to step outside to complete a sobriety test such as walking the line or breathing into an alcohol testing device. You are not required to do this and may refuse. Be aware that this could lead to going to the station, but it’s better to not give them anything suspicious.

2. Request Legal Assistance

Upon arrival at the station, you’ll want to ask for a lawyer to represent you in the case. Use a phone call to seek help from family, and simply remain quiet until an attorney advises how to proceed. Try to fight their blood tests. If one is taken, ask for an independent blood analysis. Your legal team can, if needed, arrange to be let go by getting a Benton County bail bonds. This should get you released for a personal medical examination. These results could be used to contest the case; plus, it gives you more control.

3. Be Honest and Detailed

While you are out, you have the right to protect yourself and family. Spend time gathering your own evidence. Immediately write out anything you remember about the incident. What were the names of the officers and how did they treat you. Small, minute points may sometimes throw a case out of court.

4. Remain Above Board

Remember that places that offer Midwest bail bonds provide you the opportunity to live life while you await trial. Ensure that you adhere to the guidelines and demonstrate model behavior. You certainly don’t want to fuel any fire or give the court reason to pull your release. A good reputation may go a long way.

5. Let Counsel Lead

While you review the situation, remember that attorneys understand the process and technicalities. They should deal with the courtroom proceedings, and take their advice to heart. Present yourself as a respectable citizen, willing to listen to authority. This presentation helps show character and build trust with the judge. In addition, allow character witnesses to speak for you and vouch for your behavior.

Stick up for yourself, and avoid giving out details that might build the officer’s case. Essentially, understand your rights and advocate for yourself.