Returning to your car to find that someone in the parking lot has damaged your car can be jarring, even when you aren’t present in the vehicle. If you follow the proper steps, you can ensure that the incident is properly documented and that your insurance will cover the cost. Follow these vital steps if your car is damaged in a parking lot and avoid any further stress.

Call the Police

The first thing on your mind may be to get this damage fixed as soon as possible. While contacting an auto body shop Denver CO is a critical step, but not just yet. Before you do anything, make sure that the police create a police report to document the issue. This can often be a critical step to get your insurance company to cover the harm done to your vehicle.

Document Everything

While the police will take down the important details, you still need to document everything at the scene of the damage. This includes writing up what you see and taking photographs to record the event in as thorough of a manner as you can. Make sure that you photograph multiple angles, and if you can get the contact information of anyone who witnessed the accident.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Take a moment to breathe once you get home, but then contact your insurance company. A timely response is important during this process, so while it is important to decompress from the stress, you must also make sure to make report the incident to your insurance company as soon as possible.

Schedule an Appointment to Fix the Damage

One of the final steps of the process is enlisting the help of your trusted auto body shop. While exterior damage can feel frustrating and disheartening, keep in mind that superficial damage can often be easily repaired.

While parking lot damage can be annoying and inconvenient, keep in mind that despite your frustration, you will need to follow the proper procedures to rectify the issue. If you follow the process, you can avoid the additional stress of fixing the damage.