One of the best ways you can get a huge amount of value and save lots of cash is to purchase a used car instead of a new one. Buying a fairly new car instead of the newest one on the lot helps consumers get more out of their vehicle purchasing power. Used cars that are almost new usually are still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and even include that wonderful new car smell. If you’re ready to buy a used car, here are some things to pay careful attention to before going through with the purchase.

Low Mileage

The first thing to look for when shopping for a used car or a fairly new one is low mileage. A car with less than 10,000 miles that’s used or fairly new is a great value. If you’re trying to decide between a 2019 car and a 2018 vehicle at a used car dealership in Pueblo, CO, and almost everything else is the same, go with the one that has lower mileage. This means less wear and tear, less of a chance the warranty will expire due to mileage, and time to put off certain maintenance tasks.

One Owner

Next, aim to find a vehicle that has only had one owner when buying used. Most used car dealers will provide a detailed car history report allowing potential buyers to see the ownership history. It’s a serious red flag if a used car has changed hands multiple times and been resold back to dealers over a short period of time. Instead, opt for a car with a consistent ownership history.

Fleet Vehicle

Another great opportunity to get more for your money when used car shopping is to consider going with a former fleet vehicle. Company fleet vehicles may have a more consistent maintenance and care record since they were owned by a business instead of an individual. This early routine of regular maintenance may mean more value for future consumers and fewer instances of serious mechanical problems.

End of Year Model

Buying at the end of a calendar year is a great way to get an almost new car and pay used car prices. You’ll have to time your purchase around November or December to take advantage of the time when the new car dealers start clearing their inventory to make way for the brand new models for next year. Check out options for almost new cars and pick your next vehicle with Southwest Motors full line up of used trucks.

Potential Water Damage

It’s also important to be on the lookout for vehicles that may have hidden water damage. Sometimes this damage history may be hard to find and not revealed in the car ownership report. It’s more likely for cars that were flooded to be put into used car inventories after a major hurricane or natural disaster, so look for potential signs of water damage, such as a gap in vehicle ownership history in the report, a mildew smell, or other signs of repair and damage.

Premium Options

The last way a used car purchase works out in favor of the consumer is when you want the best, most premium options, such as leather interiors, power seats, high-tech features, sunroofs, and luxury wheels. It’s easier to find a premium or special edition model vehicle in your price range in the used car inventory and get exactly what you want instead of going for the base model at the new car price point.

It makes much more financial sense to buy used than brand new. You’ll possibly save thousands of dollars and get more buying power for a better ride and more options. Used car buyers can avoid the added new vehicle surcharge by opting for used.