Walking on snowy and icy sidewalks can be an unexpected hazard for pedestrians, especially when snow clumps into ice and then a light snow tops the ice. Slip-and-fall injuries occur in the wintertime outside and in areas where building floors are not cleaned properly. In the summertime, things are spilled on floors and are not cleaned, as they should be, causing injuries to bones and tendons. An ice-cream-cone spilled in the wrong place can be a trap for pedestrians on a tile floor.

Slip and fall injuries occur from a number of different causes such as:
• Wet, slippery floors
• Neglected accumulation of snow and ice
• Badly damaged sidewalks
• Accumulation of debris
In these cases, the property owner must have caused the unsafe condition or have allowed it to continue.

When individuals slip, hips, arms, and shoulders can break, resulting in the need for medical attention. Often, not only medical attention is required but also further physical therapy to maintain or increase mobility after such an injury. Many of these injuries cannot be blamed upon negligence of a building owner or operator, but it is well worth the time to check on the possibility to help defray the massive costs of disability and medical costs.

The wisest thing to do at the time of an injury would be to consult with a firm of slip and fall lawyers Toronto to determine if the building owner or their insurance company can be required to assist with the payment of expenses. This type of attorney will listen to the circumstances of your injury and help you with the process of determining the best path for you to take in pursuing reimbursement for costs.

Insurance companies usually treat individuals somewhat cavalierly when slip and fall claims are concerned because there are so many different factors that are involved in assignment of liability for an injury. A compassionate attorney with experience in this area can make a great deal of difference to you in pursuing redress for your injuries and subsequent help in recovering from these injuries.

It is wise to contact an attorney quickly after your injury because statutes of limitations apply in many jurisdictions. These can reduce your possibilities of recovery.