Motorcyclists are believed to have a screw loose. It’s a prevalent belief, widely shared, that motorbike riders are poor drivers with negligent disregard for the security of others, themselves and the law.

Hits and Myths 

Indeed – as opposed to popular belief, most motorcyclists are skilled riders. Riding a motorbike is significantly more perilous than driving a car. The details recount to a dismal story.

But, at the same time, bikers are not to blame. Indiscreet car drivers, not neglectful motorcyclists, are the main source of motorbike accidents in the UK.

                 Major Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

It’s essential to note that in many cases, motorcycle accidents are brought about by an intensifying number of factors. As motorcycle accident lawyers, we encourage all riders to be especially vigilant. Accidents do happen and when they do, they are often disastrous. It would be ideal if you be cautious.

  1. Weather isn’t a compounding factor in motorbike crashes

Motorcycles are no match against the downpour, sleet and ice. Even though stats don’t point to weather as an overwhelming element in motorcycle crashes, the weather is regardless of a compounding factor in many motorcycle collisions. Crashes frequently happen because of slippery roadways, undoubtedly from a light shower or unexpected heavy shower.

  1. Age factor 

Shockingly, more seasoned riders represent a more serious hazard for bike-related fatalities as indicated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Statistics disclose that 56 % of riders killed in accidents were age 40 or older in 2011.

Conversely, deaths among younger riders have declined by the NHTSA. However, when thinking about both casualty and injury, young riders are still at high hazard. The CDC says that death and injury are most pervasive among riders between the ages of 20-29.

  1. Rush hour traffic 

It’s implied that cars could act like a motorcycle’s arch-rival. A lighting up but then nerve-racking 2012 statistics reveal that traffic – exactly rush hour traffic – is to a great extent contributing an element to motorcycle accidents. On some random weekday, 3 pm to 6 pm is the most hazardous time for motorbike riding. Rush hour represents a little more than 23 per cent of motorcycle-related fatalities as indicated by the NHTSA. The second most hazardous time of day for motorcycle riding is somewhere in the range of 6 pm to 9 pm, dovetailing on rush hour statistics.

  1. Speeding may cause motorcycle fatalities 

Perhaps a rider would state it’s irresistible, but our take is that speeding is plain unreliable. In 2012, 34 per cent of motorbike fatalities were ascribed to speeding. That is the highest percentage and the largest group of speeding-related fatalities compared with every other kind of drivers.

  1. Liquor is one of the major causes of motorcycle accidents

Liquor and the operation of any vehicle simply don’t blend. With regards to riding a motorcycle, every bit of attention should be devoted to the safe operation of the motorcycle. Besides, alcohol plays a vital role in the top reasons for bike mishaps. As per the NHTSA, 27 per cent of riders engaged with lethal mishaps had blood liquor concentration of over 0.08 while operating a bike. That is very alarming, most definitely. That is the most astounding commonness of inebriated drivers from all other driver groups.

  1. Absence of Licensing and Experience 

Tragically, an excessive number of riders are not by any means licensed to operate a motorbike. Inexperience joined with an absence of formal training can prompt disastrous outcomes for motorcyclists who ride without a license. About a fourth of all bike riders lethally injured in 2012 were unlicensed. That is an indiscreet move for any rider.


One of the most ideal approaches to forestall motorcycle injury and death is to wear a helmet. Otherwise, motorcycling is never out of danger.