Power. Sometimes it seems the world can’t live without the energy which surges through lines into homes and workplaces. It’s so much a part of our lives that, when it goes out, we feel naked. This can be absolutely true in situations where items like aircraft maintenance equipment or other repair machines are needed for quick turnaround of products. In these types of circumstances the usage of Ground Power Units, or GPUs, are a necessity to maintain productivity and minimize monetary loss.

Companies like Start Pac manufacture and carry these portable power units as well as their power supplies, and this is a blessing for manufacturers of large machinery. When it comes to the building and transportation of aircraft, GPUs are essential when craft have to land in remote locations and its personnel need to make immediate repairs.

And when it comes to GPUs, companies are looking for reliable and practically maintenance-free units to help power or start up various pieces of machinery. This is where rapid change battery packs and lightweight activation is essential. Many GPU manufacturers design lightweight 24 and 28 volt units to help start up locomotives and other diesel/gas vehicles and machinery.

There’s good news in the GPU world. As technology moves forward, many companies now offer cleaner and safer Lithium battery start up models instead or in conjunction with those containing Lead Acid. Lithium models are non-toxic and coated with environmentally-friendly VOC powder coating, which helps avoid potential workplace injury. They’re also portable — many units are embedded in wagon or trailer-type designs for easy transportation to and from work sites.

So, what do these units cost? Well, prices vary greatly between manufacturers with possible higher prices for newer technology and lower costs for refurbished models. To get a sense of what type of GPU or start up model is right for your organization it’s a good idea to research the website of each company. In addition to requesting a brochure, make sure to review the GPU company’s support model to ensure quick return and parts delivery time on purchased items which begin to fail.