Many motorists lead busy lives. They seldom have the time to spend cleaning and detailing the cars they drive. As a result, their vehicles get dirty over time.

One simple solution is to pay for your car to have a quick clean in a drive-thru car wash service.

The trouble with using such services is that not everything gets cleaned well. After all; what do you expect for a service that only takes around five minutes to complete?

Some of the components on your car that don’t get a proper clean are your windows, mirrors and wiper blades. One of your new year’s resolutions might have been to spend more time cleaning your car. But if it’s a resolution you are failing to follow, let me give you a helping hand!

OK, I won’t wash your car for you! But what I will do is offer you some practical advice on how best to clean your car’s windows, mirrors and wiper blades. For safety reasons, it’s essential these items are at their best at all times. Here are the top tips that you need to know:

Clean your windows, mirrors and wiper blades last

Some people make the mistake of cleaning those three parts of their car before washing the rest of their vehicle! Rinsing them on the outside is fine during your usual car wash routine. But spending time scrubbing and detailing them is a waste of time at this stage!

That’s because you could end up putting things like polish on them by mistake when you’re detailing your car after washing it.

Don’t use household cleaners

Another mistake people don’t realise they make is that household cleaners should not get used on cars! For instance, glass cleaner that you buy from your local supermarket is not a good idea to use on vehicles.

The guys at Hilton Garage say that household window cleaners usually contain ammonia. That spells bad news for tinted windows and wiper blades! You should only ever use products designed for automotive use when cleaning your car. Yes, it’s an extra expense. But not as expensive as trying to fix problems with your paintwork or replacing wiper blades!

Avoid doing any cleaning in hot weather

Apart from getting sweaty, cleaning your car in the middle of a hot day is a bad idea. Anything you spray on your car will dry up quick, and that often means you won’t have enough time to get the job done well.

Instead, opt for window, mirror and wiper blade cleaning in the morning or evening when the sun won’t be at its strongest. Do you have the benefit of owning a house that has a large garage? If so, you could always clean those items at any time if your car is inside of the garage!

Use only items dedicated to the cause

If you use cloths that also get used to clean other things, there’s a high risk of contaminating your cloth with dirt or chemicals. When you clean the windows, mirrors and wiper blades on your pride and joy, only use cloths for those jobs alone.

I recommend buying several cloths to use for these jobs. That way you always have a set available, even if one set is getting cleaned in your washing machine!

You might be wondering what are the best cloths to use for cleaning. The best – and cheapest – ones are microfibre cloths. You can buy them in packs of five or more online, or from your local homeware store.

I know I’m stating the obvious but separate your microfibre cloths into three piles. The first for your windows, the second for your mirrors, and the last for your wiper blades.

Start with the front and rear windscreens

These two windows are the largest and most difficult ones to clean on any vehicle. It makes sense to start with those first. Especially as they are the ones that will get used the most. It’s easier to divide the windscreens into different blocks or sections when cleaning.

Don’t attempt to clean the entire windows in one go. Not only will you find it hard to achieve a uniform finish but you will also gain a lot of shoulder and arm pains from doing so!

Clean the interior and exterior glass with different strokes

One handy tip that you should always remember is to clean the inside and outside of each window with different strokes. For instance, clean the interior glass horizontally, and the exterior glass vertically.

Why is that a good idea, you might be wondering? The answer is simple. If you miss any bits or the glass is still dirty in places, you will know which side of the glass needs cleaning again!

Clean the tops of each window

When cleaning door windows, make sure you roll them down slightly so that you can clean the tops of them. People always forget to clean these bits! Doing this ensures that each window gets cleaned well.

Make sure you wear disposable gloves when cleaning

There are many pros to wearing disposable gloves when cleaning your windows, mirrors and wiper blades. First, they protect your hands and skin. You won’t need to spend a week moisturising your hands from the effects of cleaning your car!

Second, you prevent sweat or dirt from your hands going onto the surfaces you are trying to clean. Disposable gloves are cheap to buy, especially if you get them on the Internet.

Use special treatments for your wiper blades

Avoid using your automotive glass cleaner on your wiper blades. Instead, you should clean them using special chemicals for cleaning rubber. Some people even use alcohol or vinegar to clean their wiper blades. Although there is some debate over whether doing so is a good idea or not.

Regular cleaning of your wiper blades will ensure that you don’t have to replace them so often. After all; some wiper blades are quite expensive for particular vehicles. By following these tips, you will make your life on the road safer and clearer!