There are more than 1 billion passenger vehicles that run on the road today, and some millions of cars which lay unused – these together can be a significant concern for the environment.

Why do you hoard the unused cars in your backyard? We understand you might be attached to it, but have you ever considered of handing them over to car wreckers in Adelaide – you will also earn some cash in turn and eradicate the risks that these unused cars pose to our environment.

With a few minor lifestyle changes, we can reduce the carbon footprint significantly – reducing the number of cars on the road is one of the easiest paths towards a greener society.

Cycling or walking may not be a viable option for every commuter, but carsharing can surely be, isn’t it?

What is carsharing?

Carsharing is one of the most convenient methods to reduce vehicle impact.  When two or more people agree to share a trip, and the passengers contribute to the driver for fuel cost.

You can share a car with your friends, or you can do it through the service providers, who have fixed rentals depending on various distance traveled or hours of booking.

The benefits of car sharing

When a few people traveling towards the same direction, use one car instead of many, it’s bound to have a lot of benefits – not just on the environment, but also on the pockets of the passengers and the car owner.

  • You can share fuel costs and parking fees.
  • Hiring car services at the wee hours might be unsafe in spite of all the precautions. On the contrary, if you share your car with your friend or your colleague, you will surely increase your safety. And you will also have a companion, so your long hours might not as dull as it used to be!
  • Lesser vehicles on the road mean lower emission of carbon, which over a period is sure to improvise the quality of the air, and we won’t need to visit any oxygen bar, in search of fresh air.
  • When the number of cars on the road reduces, it’s going to impact the traffic condition significantly. There will be less congestion, and you will take lesser time to reach your destination.
  • When the demand for cars reduces, their prices will fall too. Thus, the exorbitant prices will also get controlled.
  • Cars use a lot of natural resources, metals, iron, etc. and during the manufacturing process, different gases are released, which also impacts the environment. When the demand for cars will fall, a fewer number of vehicles will need to be manufactured.
  • If there are lesser vehicles on the road, it will increase your chances of finding a parking place conveniently.

Practice carsharing and live a healthier and hassle-free life in a greener society!