Without the proper maintenance, even the most reliable vehicle will begin to develop problems. Regular car maintenance will actually decrease the number of major repairs that are needed in the long run. Here are five maintenance items that impact the longevity of a vehicle.

Oil Change

Automotive experts strongly urge car owners to change the motor oil on a regular basis. After a certain period of time, the additives in the oil will eventually start to break down. Unfortunately, this means that the internal parts of the engine are susceptible to premature wear and tear. The recommended oil change interval can be found inside the owner’s manual.

Air Filter

The sole purpose of the air filter is to stop contaminants from entering the engine. After the air filter has reached its capacity, the engine will begin to experience a reduction in performance. A good rule of thumb is to inspect the air filter’s condition about every three months or so.

Brake Pad Replacement

In order to retain to necessary stopping power, the brake pads must be in good condition. Most Pennsylvania Toyota maintenance specialists recommend that the brakes pads be inspected at the time of an oil change. Worn brake pads can cause the brake rotors to experience severe warping.


Obtaining a wheel alignment at least once a year will help to extend the life of the tires. About every 5,000 miles, the tires will need to be rotated. The tire pressure will also need to be checked periodically.

Spark Plug Replacement

Most spark plugs are designed to last for at least 100,000 miles. However, the quality of fuel and the driving environment plays a major role in the lifespan of the spark plugs.