In case you didn’t know, a “bucket list” is a list of things you want to do before you die. That might sound like a morbid idea to some people. But it’s a great way of defining certain fun goals or ambitions in life that you would like to fulfil before you die.

Because we don’t often have the luxury of knowing when we’re going to die, the idea is to get things done on your bucket list as soon as you can. In some ways, this can help to motivate people into fulfilling their goals.

The petrolheads among us will doubtless want to compile a list of automotive things to add to their bucket list. If you are one of those people, and you are stuck for ideas, don’t worry! Today’s blog post focuses on some awesome examples to add to your bucket list.

Buy an exotic car

It doesn’t matter if you have to save up money for the next ten or so years. One of the things you need to do is buy an exotic sports car! Some people might prefer Ferraris. Whereas others have a penchant for Porsches.

Whatever model you like the most, make it one of your life’s ambitions to save up the cash to own one. Trust me; you will be glad you did!

Drive your car at the Nürburgring

You might think that the only cars allowed to drive on racing circuits are racing cars. But you would be wrong! The Nürburgring in Germany is a place where you see all sorts of vehicles driving. From classic cars to large trucks and buses, anything goes – literally!

The only downside to going on the Nürburgring is that you need to live in Europe. Of course, you could always fly over from the United States and buy a car to drive on the circuit. But I’m sure you might find a similar circuit to drive on here in the US.

Go to a track day event

Many companies and racing circuits offer drivers the chance to get behind the wheel of a supercar for a day. There are plenty of track day events on offer, and so it depends on what you want to drive.

Many track day vendors even film the occasion. You can then see a video of yourself driving a high-performance car around a test track or racing circuit. It’s an amazing experience, and one that you should definitely put on your automotive bucket list.

Buy an SUV

Buying an SUV might not be much of an adrenaline rush as the other options I’ve listed. But it’s an option you can experience every day! Saxton 4×4 says that the Range Rover Sport, Chevy Suburban and BMW X5 are the most popular SUVs people buy.

Many models handle well in off-road situations. So you could even join in the fun with off-road driving events, of which there are plenty in the US!

I hope you have enjoyed reading these automotive bucket list suggestions. Thanks for reading!