Digital locks have gained a noticeable popularity in home security with its combination of security and convenience. It is even available in various styles, available settings and features making it a cool safety option. Such locks have some extra convenient features and security making it the best in the category.

They are protected against lock picking with some higher end protective measures and thus acquiring grade 2 or even higher BHMA/ANSI rating.

We are not saying this technology is very new rather we are not that familiar with the digital locking system. So to make you all well aware of these locks, let’s have a look at the advanced locking system for security and convenience:

Convenience: Convenience is the first and the foremost thing that comes to your mind while thinking about the keyless entry. Even more than this the digital locks provide you with and super easy access where you don’t have to fumble with your keys. These locks are very easy to install and requires very less maintenance you can easily get upgraded with these locks and get rid of the traditional mechanical locks.

Most of the in trend digital locks are powered with batteries and thus reducing the risk of issues from routine door wiring and power failure. A Battery life indicator prompts whenever it requires a new one. Many of the keyless locks even come with additional mechanical systems for convenience.

Advanced Lock and Key Locksmith has gone a step ahead to deliver highly convenient locks.

Enhanced access controls: For a business with good market, with high rated employees and with heavy turnover a security system with enhanced access controls become very essential. Here anything wrong can happen with mechanical keys, it can get stolen, lost or some time copied, here keyless locks come into action with improved performance.

Some of the keyless doors include additional features like audit trails, built-in access control, multiple unique access code programming and multiple levels of authority.

Many of the Advanced Lock and Key Locksmith has strong wireless communication with an online system and the door locks.

Easy Rekeying: With the business having the high number of employees the risk of mechanical keys getting lost increases. Keeping track of all the keys requires extensive organization and care. Both of these requires money as well as time which we can utilize somewhere else.

However, with digital locking system this will never happen, adding a revoking system is quite easy here. Voice guidance and touch screen technology made the things way easier for users.

Upgraded Security: Locks are all about the level of security they provide. With the top-notch electronic locking system, it becomes a privilege to use digital locking other than the old-fashioned locking systems. The keyless locking systems are highly compatible with the number of locking devices like mortises, dead latches, cylindrical latches, deadbolts and exit devices. You can have a talk with the specialist to ensure the level of security and functionality.

Added security features:
Adjustable code length.
Restrict access to a certain number of wrong trials.
Quick lockout as a matter of security concern.
Deletion of user code via master code.

Z Wave: These types of locks never use wifi or Bluetooth, instead they work on Z wave to get connected with any Smartphone and thus making it even more secure with a unique wave connection.

Multiple access modes: The designing of Keyless entry and popularity made the things easier for users. Are you thinking to opt for the digital locking system? The Advanced Lock and Key Locksmith can help you with the security of your property and that too with a lot of conveniences.

Author Bio: Prisha Gupta is an experienced writer on topics relating to digital marketing agency, she also writes on trends that make you & your business more successful online.