Lexus won the SP PRO (LFA-X) and SP8 (LFA) classes at the Nürburgring 24-hour in Germany at the weekend to reassert its dominance at one of the world’s most gruelling race circuits.

The LFA-X experimental vehicle finished 11th outright, while the LFA finished 13th outright ahead of category rivals and the total field of over 170 cars.

Combined, both vehicles travelled close to 7,000km over the 24 hours – with the fastest lap of 8 mins 40.45 seconds posted by the experimental LFA-X.

Compared to the LFA’s base 4.8-litre V10 engine, the LFA-X research vehicle’s engine displacement has been increased to 5.3 litres, while the system output and torque has been fine-tuned to better suit the demanding Nürburgring circuit.

Other vehicle enhancements include a full carbon frame body to enhance body-rigidity while reducing vehicle weight.

The SP PRO and SP8 classes are for vehicles with an engine capacity of between 4 and 6.2 litres, with SP PRO class allowing for modifications to the standard engine capacity – as is the case with the LFA-X.