If you drive regularly, you know that the road takes a toll on every part of your car – but the effects on your rims can be very dramatic. Curbs, potholes and other road hazards can cause serious damage to your car rims, leaving you needing rim repair or even a replacement. Here, we will talk about rim repairs and discuss how they are done.

Bent Wheels

Most bent rims can be fixed; you may have to drop it off at the shop if you don’t own the necessary tools, but it can be done. Bent wheels are heated, softening the metal. A large hydraulic press straightens any bends in the lip of the rim, and damaged spots are then filled in with new material. To finish, a metalworker uses a lathe to remove any excess material, and the wheel is polished and given a final coating.

Repairing an Alloy Rim

Alloy rims are easy and quick to fix because aluminium is a very malleable metal. It can be quickly heated and shaped without losing any of its integrity. Alloy wheels are vulnerable to issues such as creased barrels, checking, cracked flanges, corrosion on the bead seats, and scratching. Some problems are minor, but others can result in greater tyre wear and lower fuel economy. It’s less expensive to fix a rim than it is to buy a new one, and a quality repair can be finished in a matter of hours.


If you want to refinish your wheels, you have a few choices. Redoing chrome plating is costly, but it is doable; a less expensive choice is to refinish the wheels yourself. Don’t use steel wool on your chrome rims, as it may leave scratches. Touch them up with epoxy and chrome paint, and if they are severely scratched, you can use fine-grit sandpaper and a metal polish (this works best on alloys). To keep your chrome wheels looking shiny, you’ll need to diligently clean and maintain them.

It’s not always necessary to take your car rims to the shop to have work done – you may be able to do some of the work on your own. Touch ups, cleaning and polishing of 4×4 rims can be done at home, but if the job requires reshaping, it may be best to call in a professional. No matter which method you use, your rims will look great when the work is finished. There’s also always the option of ordering  a new set of wheels online through a reputable wheel and tyre dealer. I hope you enjoyed my post, may your wheels be looking as shiny and awesome as ever!