John Deere is taking the cotton industry’s most revolutionary harvesting system of the 21stcentury and making it even better for cotton producers. From the engine to the row unit to the cab, John Deere has updated the on-board round module building CP690 (previously known as 7760) Cotton Picker with increased power, performance and uptime.

The major changes for the 2015 machines include a more powerful 560 HP Final Tier 4, 13.5L engine that provides a 30 horsepower boost and 5 percent increase in harvest speed; more integrated machine intelligence that supports the John Deere FarmSight™ strategy; and new touch-screen displays, improved service intervals, and other features that enhance machine operation. According to Drew Wethington, product manager for John Deere Cotton Pickers, all these updates help deliver the distinctive value and benefits producers have come to expect with non-stop cotton harvesting.

“We’ve taken the very popular 7760 platform and built the new CP690, based on customer input, to make it easier, more efficient to operate, and with less downtime and maintenance,” Wethington says. “From the field to the gin, these machines deliver more, higher-quality lint, faster, easier and with less manpower and other equipment costs.”

Along with the new Final Tier 4 engine that powers the entire harvesting system, John Deere has added the next generation ProDrive automatic shift transmission, with new anti-slip regulation (ASR), for improved traction in tough harvesting conditions. On the front end, proven PRO-16 picking units can harvest cotton at 97 percent efficiency, and new, easy-adjust row-unit doffers provide smooth, clean operation at higher speeds.

In the cab, operators will notice a new CommandCenter touch screen display and new digital corner post display that show more system functions and a more intuitive design. The displays, along with the multi-function lever, allow the operator to easily monitor and adjust harvesting and module building functions with finger-tip control.

CP690 units are equipped with the latest in machine intelligence, including HarvestDoc™, Harvest Identification, Cotton™, AutoTrac™ and AutoTrac RowSense™, and feature Wireless Data Transfer to make accessing information easier through Other intelligence features include JDLink with Remote Display Access and Service ADVISOR™ Remote for real-time access to machine performance and service information, visit TennMagazine.

“The new CP690 has tremendous harvesting capacity,” Wethington explains. “With the 370-gallon fuel tank, 360-gallon water tank, 16-gallon DEF tank, and five rolls of round module wrap, these machines are capable of harvesting over 10 acres per hour and working for 12 hours without refills. They are the most intelligent, productive pickers on the market today.”