Designed to meet the significant market challenges faced by automakers around the world, Delphi Automotive PLC is launching a new family of Diesel Common Rail systems including  diesel solenoid injectors, fuel pumps, Engine Control Units (ECU) and rails for light- and medium-duty applications.

The new family of technologies, which will be available later this year on a new engine of a major European car manufacturer, was introduced during the 35th annual International Vienna Motor Symposium, held May 8-9 at the Congress Center in Hofburg, Austria.

This new high-performance, modular family of Diesel Common Rail Systems will help car manufacturers improve fuel efficiency,” said John Fuerst, president Delphi Diesel Systems. “Our engineers’ innovative concepts are dedicated to assisting our customers in meeting increasingly strict emissions standards, while maintaining the performance levels consumers expect.

Next generation technologies

Delphi’s modular approach for its common rail systems allows robust design with a range of performances matching different engine needs. Integrated, innovative features offer new perspectives to diesel engine design and performance.

With Delphi’s approach, the OEMs won’t need to modify their engines to fit Delphi systems. The modular approach utilized for the development helps engine manufacturers to integrate the technologies in their engine family with the possibility to optimize the injection performance in the same environment,” explained Technogies .

The new family of diesel fuel injection equipment offers improved performance through injection pressure increased up to 2,500 bar; leakage reduction; and increased multiple injection optimization, as the fuel injectors are capable of up to nine injections per cycle. These innovations translate into better injection control and better combustion, therefore reducing fuel consumption, CO2 and other emissions.

Built to meet requirements of vehicle manufacturers and markets around the globe

The fuel efficiency that diesel engines offer allows them to successfully penetrate both the passenger and commercial vehicles,” said Fuerst. “Their best-in-class fuel economy will continue to ensure diesel engines are a popular choice across Europe and in many other markets.

Benefits of Delphi’s new Diesel Common Rail systems family include:

  • Low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions through improved combustion; weight reduction; and hydraulic, mechanical and electrical efficiency
  • Cost-effective and flexible solutions through simpler, modular component features and optimized functions
  • Fun to drive and reliable through low combustion noise; high performance and worldwide diesel fuel robustness.