Like most of the people, you too must be very excited that finally you can go on any road for driving. However, driving is a kind of privilege, and hence you have to be knowledgeable and responsible behind the wheel. A license authority will like to be sure that you are familiar with all the rules about the road too and hence they need all drivers to go through the written test, before any permission is given to drive on the road and then take the road test. Such exam is not so difficult, if you have taken sufficient time to prepare. In case, you do not study and prepare at all then it can be really difficult to pass.

Following are few effective and simple tips for helping you to get ready for any exam, so that you can pass it on very first attempt.

1-The manual for driver

One of the vital parts of your preparation is to read and study all the Motor Vehicle Laws. There is comprehensive manual available that covers all the necessary information that is needed for you to know, so that you may pass the written test as well as drive safely on the road. The manual covers parking and traffic laws, safety and emergencies, road signs and many more. Most of the questions of the test are based on this manual. Besides that, the manual also offers sample test paper in its Appendix section.

You may also click here for more info about this manual as well as download its copy in PDF form or you can also get it printed as well. If you have your laptop or a tablet then you can store it there and read it whenever you are free to read. You can also get it on your smart phone, so that you can have access to this manual anytime you want.

2-Online tests

is manual has also provided practice exam for helping you to prepare for the test, and if that is not enough then you may also check out few websites that will offer you practice exams for driver’s written test. On these websites, you can find a number of model papers for DMV Written Test that can give you enough practice to appear for the exam confidently. By practicing these papers, you will have good idea about the areas where you need more study. After that you can again practice with these test papers.

3-Get an app

You can also make use of technology for your advantage. You may download few apps on your smartphone, which will provide you various info and practice questions, so that you may do well in the exam. These apps are easily available for any mobile devices and they are completely free.

4-Very important suggestion

It can always be tempting to hurry during the test with the idea that you know the answers of all the questions as you have prepared so well. However, you need to slow down. You must take sufficient time and read questions carefully so that you know what exactly the question is.