The 13 hotel in Macau is setting up a fleet of 30 Rolls-Royce Phantoms-two of which will be completely decked out in 24-karat gold-for the use of its distinguished clients, Rolls-Royce announced in a press release this week.

All guests staying at The 13-which has dubbed by some “the most luxurious hotel in the world”-will be offered free rides in the hotel’s fleet of Rolls-Royces, but only select guests will be able to take in the two gold cars-which are apparently the most expensive Phantoms ever built. Also, in case there’s any question about who will be piloting these multi-hundred thousand dollar vehicles, the automaker confirmed that each of the hotel’s drivers were trained by Rolls-Royce at its home base in Goodwood, England.

A Rolls-Royce motor car is commissioned to express the tastes, desires and lifestyle of its patron,” said Rolls-Royce Director of Design Giles Taylor. “It is testament to the skill of the artisans that so elegantly express their craft at our Global Center of Excellence in Goodwood, that this bold and technically challenging design scheme has been executed so perfectly.”

In addition to being more expensive than normal Phantoms, Rolls-Royce says that these cars use 250 percent more paint than its normal cars to create a 10-layer coat-including one layer 40 microns deep made of pure gold. Sounds expensive, yeah?

As for the rest of the trim-the Spirit of Ecstasy up front is 24-karat gold-plated, the grille is gold-colored, the Rolls-Royce badge is gold, and hand-painted gold details scattered around the cars. Oh, and of course, gold-trimmed umbrellas in the doors.

So, to sum up: If you’re really important and you plan on staying at The 13, expect a free ride in an extremely expensive and ridiculously bougie Rolls-Royce Phantom. (Which means we probably won’t be taking that ride anytime soon.)