Mitsubishi Motors North America today debuted the Mitsubishi eX Concept, a compact SUV with a next-generation EV system, at the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show.

The Mitsubishi eX Concept car is a showcase of Mitsubishi’s electric vehicle technologies, a new iteration of the Dynamic Shield front design concept, autonomous driving capabilities, Artificial Intelligence (AI) as well as a vast range of other technologies for superior driving pleasure in a compact crossover package.

The Mitsubishi eX Concept is a vision for a unique 100 percent electric-powered compact SUV aimed at the fast-growing compact SUV market. It uses Mitsubishi’s state-of-the art electric-powered technologies and all-wheel control combined with automated driving, connected car interfacing and active safety technologies.

Both exterior and interior indicate the direction Mitsubishi Design is taking. Overall, it evokes the image of a sporty crossover zipping nimbly around town as it merges the elegance and stylishness of a “shooting brake” (a term for a coupé with flowing styling fused with a hatchback car) with compact SUV lines. The front end is a new interpretation of the Dynamic Shield front design concept found in Mitsubishi’s current product lineup.

EV System and Twin Motor 4WD/S-AWC

The Mitsubishi eX Concept embodies the culmination of all the technologies Mitsubishi has developed to date and uses the next-generation EV system, which brings together a longer cruising range as well as superior driving performance. The system is configured from a new drive battery that greatly improves energy density of previous batteries and the front and rear compact high-output motors. Together with the reduction in weight and higher efficiency of the new EV system, a non-compromising reduction in the weight of the body has given the Mitsubishi eX Concept a cruising range of 400km (248.5 miles). This drivetrain delivers the kind of torquey acceleration that can only be enjoyed in an EV as it delivers 70 kW (94 horsepower) to both front and rear wheels for a total output of 140 kW (188 horsepower) of power.

The Mitsubishi eX Concept can be connected to a V2H device that allows the energy stored in the drive battery to supply enough electricity battery to power domestic appliances in an average household for four days. A 1500W 100V AC socket also allows the battery to power home electric appliances when enjoying outdoor pursuits.

Advanced Active Safety Technology

Further evolutions in Mitsubishi’s advanced active safety technology system supports safer and more comfortable driving. Advanced active safety technology system includes the Forward Collision Mitigation system (FCM) and the Ultrasonic miss-acceleration Mitigation System (UMS). FCM automatically applies the brakes when the camera and radar detect a sudden reduction in the distance with the vehicle in front and helps to avoid a collision or reduce impact damage in the event of a collision.

Automated Driving Technology Brings People & Car Closer Together

The automated driving of a car is slowly but surely becoming a reality. The Mitsubishi eX Concept pursues a variety of automated (and semi-automated running) driving technologies that are very compatible with EVs.

Mitsubishi has developed, for example, a satisfying and convenient Automated Valet Parking system taking advantage of the precision control possible with electric motor drive thanks to the dependable torque generated by an electric motor that deliver predictable driving performance. This performance instantaneously responds to situational changes found in autonomous driving on roads solely for vehicular use, or in automated obstacle avoidance systems.