Brabham’s foray into the trackday-special supercar market came just last month with the introduction of the BT62. It’s a mid-engine masterpiece, complete with a 700-horsepower naturally aspirated V8, a dry weight of 2143 pounds, and some seriously massive pieces of aerodynamic bodywork.

Ex-Formula 1 driver and CEO David Brabham (son of legendary racer Jack Brabham) was nice enough to give Carfection host Drew Stearne an incredibly in-depth walkthrough demonstrating just how the BT62 sets itself apart from the competition. The duo go over all of the aero features, the weight savings, and of course, that wonderful powertrain.

Brabham says his team didn’t go for a hybrid system or forced induction mainly out of concern for keeping the vehicle weight as low as possible. Adding batteries packs on the pounds, but might not necessarily add to the fun factor. Plus, with that much horsepower on tap in something as light as a first-gen Miata, we have a feeling drivers won’t be complaining.