Clenergy Team Arrow, which has a long history of competing in Australia’s World Solar Challenge, is aiming to manufacture the world’s first solar electric car by next year.

Brisbane, Australia-based company said the prototype solar electric car being built for next year’s World Solar Challenge would be used to develop a model for commercial purposes.

The Arrow STF (Sports Touring Framework) is a two seater, solar electric racing car, which uses the latest in solar and battery technology, coupled with TeamArrows experience in solar car racing to create a unique vision of what is possible in the pursuit of clean, efficient motoring.

As part of their development program, TeamArrow plan to race the Arrow STF over 3000km (1864 miles) in the 2017 World Solar Challenge and then make the car commercially available for drivers who would like to own a truly unique vehicle.

A number of Arrow STFs are already on pre-order to selected clients and you can register your interest below. There is no commitment required to register, but by registering you will have an opportunity to be involved in the development life of the vehicle, provide feedback and consultation on the specifications and will be able to place a order when that process officially starts.

Arrow STF – Planned Specifications
– Two seat sports car
– 5sqm of 24.4% efficient custom made solar arrays.  Creating the most efficient ultra-light weight solar array in the world
– The Arrow STF will be Approx 2 ~3 times more aerodynamically efficient than a traditional car
– Twin motor configuration. Race configuration will use 98% efficient motors, the most efficient vehicle motors ever built.
– Power systems by Tritium, world leaders in Solar Electric Car power systems and used by every category winner in the 2015 World Solar Challenge.
– Lightweight Lithium Ion battery pack
– Design range 300 ~400 km (186 – 248 miles) range at highway speeds
– 1000+ km (620+ miles) range at city driving speeds
– Fast charger compatible plug
– Storage space in both boot (trunk) and bonnet