If you are a car enthusiast, you must have heard of different accessories that can give your car a lift. You must get your hands on such accessories to add zing to your vehicle and make it more luxurious and comfortable than it already is.

Tracking Device

Without much ado, let’s have a look at five such accessories:

  1. Tracking Device

A tracking device has a lot of purposes. An advanced device can help you locate your car in case of a theft and even lock it. It has actually helped hundreds of people find their stolen cars.

Other than this, a tracking device can help you locate your car in a busy parking space. It is very common for people to forget where they parked their vehicle. These devices come with apps that can give you the exact location of your car.

It’s actually a pretty funky accessory that can make life easier for you.

  1. Back and Front Cameras

While a large number of modern cars come with cameras, if your car does not have one already you can get one installed. Sellers like at lintechco.com offer cameras and other such products for your car.

A camera has several purposes. It can help you see in the back and front without you having to turn around. You can see everything on the screen in front of your eyes and park accordingly.

Other than this, these cameras also reduce the number of accidents. You do not always know who or what is behind you when you are reversing the car. You can end up hitting another entity and cause harm. However, with these cameras, the risk factor is reduced as you can enjoy a great view and drive properly.

Moreover, some such cameras also come with the ability to record videos. This allows you to have a proof in case of an accident or mishap. You can quickly turn to the recorded video to find who was at fault in case of an incident. 

  1. A Cover and/or a Shade

You need a cover to protect your car against dirt and harsh weather conditions. Some covers can be a pain to try, but moden covers are very easy to use and one person can put it on without any trouble.

In addition to this, there are shades available as well that prevent your car against extreme weather conditions. Extreme sunlight can destroy the paint and also heat up the car, making it uncomfortable to drive it. But these shades prevent sunlight, rain and snow from directly hitting your car, keeping it in good condition.

  1. Upgraded Lights

It is a good idea to upgrade the lights, especially if you drive at night. Most cars do not come with very strong lights, which is why people turn to UV or LED lights and other such options.


There is no need to go funky and get colorful lights as they can be distracting, but bright lights can be of help. 

  1. LCD Monitor

An LCD monitor serves a lot of purposes. It allows you to see camera footage and also enjoy your favorite music videos or shows without any trouble. However, it might not be a wise idea to turn on the video when you are behind the wheel as it may be a distraction.

Get your hands on these products to get more out of your vehicle. They are easy to install and offer several benefits to the driver and passengers as well.