The Renault Zoe was Europe’s best-selling electric car last year, and it’ll probably do really well in the future as well. That’s because Renault is stepping up its game with more range and better options. The range, though, is the key figure here, so let’s start with that: 248.5.

Ok, ok, that 250-mile number is only on the lenient NEDC test scale, but it still means that the new ZOE will be the first lower-cost EV with an official range over 200 miles. Renault says the real-world range will be 186 miles, which is still more than we expected. The new EV goes on sale in France this weekend, on October 1. The extra range does come with a price increase of 3,500 euros ($3,927) to start at 23,600 euros ($26,481), but that’s still a low price for an EV with that kind of range. If you’ve been following green car news for a while you might be able to guess the reason why: battery leasing.

There are two options to lease the battery once you’ve bought the car. You can “Relax” with unlimited miles and no minimum commitment period for 119 euros ($134) a month or go with the Flex Z.E. 40 offer for 7,500 kilometers (4,660 miles) a year, with every additional kilometer costing five euro-cents. The Flex Z.E. plan is just 69 euros ($77) a month. If you want to lease the whole package (car and battery), those packages start at 149 euros ($167) a month. Check out the details in the PDF below.

If you think this means Renault’s alliance partner Nissan isn’t going to take advantage of a bigger battery for its Leaf EV, I’d wager you’re wrong.