Renault has crafted an absolutely gorgeous concept to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of French architect and artist Le Corbusier. Dubbed the Coupé Corbusier, this beautiful, low-slung vehicle is certainly a wonderful way to be remembered. It’s currently on display as part of an exhibit on the automobile and modernism at the Villa Savoye outside of Paris.

Renault is clear that the Corbusier doesn’t point the way toward any future vehicles and is simply an exercise in creativity for the brand’s designers. The idea was to put Le Corbusier’s modernist principles into practice, and the result is jaw dropping.

The angled slats in the grille really draw the eye, and the area around the front wheels provides great visual contrast to the silver body. Meanwhile, the rear features prominent fenders and a flowing roof. Maybe the company should consider giving its stylists this much freedom more often, because they’re doing some excellent work here.

Since this is a pure design exercise, there’s no mention of a powertrain. If you’re not in France to check out the real thing, take a look at this gorgeous coupe in the gallery above.