Meet the new boss. It’s not the same as the old boss. This is the new Fisker Automotive, which has just changed its name to Karma Automotive.

The new Karma Automotive says that this name has always been a part of the brand. On the company’snew website (which you can access from either the new URL or the previous URL,, it says that, “It’s a name that respects our past, while simultaneously reinventing our future.”

That future theme is splashed across the new site. Here’s more from the “Why Karma?” section: “We don’t have to do things as anyone has done them before. What’s important is that we act with intention.”

As for the company’s new logo, there’s a hidden message. The new emblem has, “An imperfect ring, representing constant effort towards unattainable perfection, encircling the earth. With a spark of sun, the eternal symbol of endlessly renewable energy. Inner cut lines represent our three brand priorities.” Those priorities are to be beautiful, clean, and memorable. Of course.

As we learned back in 2014, the logo for Fisker Automotive was the property of Fisker Coachbuild, LLC, and was used under license by Fisker Automotive. As longtime Fisker fans likely know, the original logo represented co-founders Henrik Fisker and Bernhard Koehler standing on the shore of the Pacific Ocean. Henrik Fisker is not involved with the current owner of the Fisker brand, Wanxiang, so the name change makes sense.

It was previously rumored that Wanxiang would drop the Fisker name in favor of Elux. Turns out, only half of that rumor appears to be true. The relaunched plug-in hybrid might start production in the middle of 2016.